Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A bit of Eden!

I was lucky enough to see Munich-based group Faun perform live at FairyCon a few years ago. Truly, one of my most memorable musical experiences.

I've been listening to their Buch der Balladen almost non-stop for a few weeks, particularly drawn to track "Belle Dame Sans Merci". They've a new cd with booklet available June 24th!!! The new one features artwork by Brian Froud, Glasgow-based Julia Jeffrey (her Stonemaiden artwork can be found on Etsy), collaborations with the Mediaeval Baebes, cellist Adam Hurst and more. If you are not familiar with their music, I urge you to have a listen. Prepare to be enchanted and see some of the visuals in this YouTube preview!


  1. Oh, wow, I'm very excited! I saw Faun a few months ago here in Berlin – it was a wonderful acoustic concert in a small place, just lovely. I'm a big fan of the Mediaeval Baebes as well, so I think this CD will be great. And if that it isn't enough, the artwork is by Brian Froud! Thank you for the terrific link.

  2. How exciting! Great music - and I love Brian Fround. Great combination.

  3. Della - that outing sounds lovely - lucky woman!!! I'm very much looking forward to this release as well.

    Joel - Yes indeed!!!

  4. Been gone too long! And now can't wait to listen to this. Must get acquainted. Will go find it. Happy Solstice to you!

  5. Ms.K - A belated Happy Solstice to you too!!