Saturday, September 22, 2012


Nearly a month has passed and I can barely wrap my head around the crushing pain and sorrow that constantly surrounds me. On August 29th, I lost my beloved Frick. He became sick suddenly and from the beginning, I was told there would be no good outcome. I'm not sure if it was my own ignorance or arrogance that made me think I could save him. Perhaps just denial as it happened so quickly; there was no time to prepare. A fast-growing, invasive and inoperable cancer caused a fluid build-up in his chest and abdomen, almost drowning him. I took an option of exploratory surgery - the one chance he had - to see if the tumor could be removed. It couldn't. I lost him.

Mab wanders the house looking for her brother and constantly jumps onto my dresser keeping a vigil by his photo and sniffing his little bunny rabbit toy. It is heartbreak compounded by endless heartbreak. The days sort of dissolve around my once happy little world - my world with my sibling felines, Queen Mab + Frick, always together and now torn apart.

12 years was simply not long enough. I love you, my little Fricklette.