Monday, February 27, 2012

Feathering my Nest

I'd really hoped to have more to share as we tumbled into 2012, but I feel like a tiny bird pushed from the nest too early. On that theme, I give you a few of my favorite bird photos of late and other charms of making. Who knew that photographing wildlife and nature would become such an obsession for me? Speaking of neglect, my Etsy shop is bare, but I've assembled quite a stash of lovely fabrics and trims to hopefully, turn into something

Beauty from Parrish Relics!
I made these tiny sachets stuffed with lavender for dear friend Robin of Violet Hour. Visit her new site for tarot explorations.
Fresh off the sewing machine! This will be my everyday purse for Spring.
I'll likely use this design in a different variation for future Etsy offerings.
Recent yard visitor.
He does have a second leg - off to the left side of the photo:)
The End!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebration of Love

I don't have love of the romantic sort in my life, so I pledge to celebrate the love of good friends and the Daily Keepers of my Heart. Not one for expensive jewelry, flowers or candy, I'll gladly embrace my days with moments such as this:

Frick always has his ears at 3 and 9 o'clock.
A very rare goofy moment for Queen Mab. She is usually so serious.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Between the Shadows

Have been struggling lately with a case of Winter Blahs. I've tried to embrace my inner Wood Elf and take to the woods as much as possible to alleviate the season affective disorder or whatever ails me. Last week, I attended a Ground Hog day event at my tiny local park. Was thrilled that CLAWs (an awesome and awe-inspiring non profit rescue + rehab group) was there with Mortimer, the groundhog, and a few other fur and feathered friends. Learn more them at their website here

She is so incredibly beautiful in person!

Barbary Falcon

Mortimer, who did NOT see his shadow.