Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evelyn Paul Illustrations

The work of Evelyn Paul. Scanned from old books in my collection.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet dreams

Wouldn't this be the perfect bedroom? Like a ruin in a forest, vines and branches snaking their way in, gothic windows open to the sky and a canopy of stars. A beautiful bower.

Gertrude in Gormenghast is one of my favorite fictional characters. Not really admirable for her human parenting skills - she asks the nanny to "bring him back when he is six" in reference to her own baby, Titus. But she adorns and contents herself with a herd of snow-white cats and a white rook, giving them unconditional love and affection. A woman after my own heart!

The detailed artistry of Gertrude’s bodice,
the buttons designed to mimic hazelnuts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Howard Pyle’s Arthurian Legend

Illustrations by Howard Pyle depicting King Arthur's Knights and their adventures.

Sir Pellias and the Sorrowful Lady in Arroy


Sir Lancelot frees a lady's hawk.

Lancelot and Eloise the Fair.

Lancelot meeting Queen Guinevere.

Lamarack of Gales

Ivory casket, 14th century, shows scenes with Gawain, Percival and Lancelot (crossing the Sword bridge in the second panel). The reference says Metropolitan Museum, New York so I assume this is in the Cloisters? I certainly missed it when I was there, but will look next time.