Thursday, March 8, 2012

Costume Archives: The Goble Project

Recently, Ruthie posted this list of creative stumbling blocks on Facebook and I've printed and nearly memorized because more of these numbers pertain to me than those that do not. Sad, but true. So, I'm fine-tuning, note-taking and trying to resolve my own lack of production and chaos of projects - a jumble of illustration inspirations, medieval trims, velvet & silk with a cat on top for good measure. A smart place to start seemed to be a past project that was both challenging and rewarding - not to mention the pleasure of collaborating with Jen! For the most part, I make gowns for the pure thrill of wearing and I enjoy the process along the way - I don't sell them or loan them.

This began as an idea for large fashion show for FaerieCon, but in the end it was two gowns I designed and made using Warwick Goble illustrations as a visual guideline. Jen designed and made us both jewelry and crowns!!! selecting stones, glass and finishes to complement the luxurious fabrics - with magical results.
Jen's inspiration "Dressing the Queen"

My choice "Preziosa"