Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Be Dragons

Starting out December inspired by medieval manuscripts, paintings and modern movies and TV shows.

St. George kills the dragon. Shrewsbury Talbot Book of Romances. 1445

St. George rescues the princess. From Beautfort Hours. 1410

St. George Slays the Dragon by Lucas Cranach the Elder. (1472-1553)


  1. great collection! I hadn't seen that Cranach before.

    The very first dragon looks happy to be slayed.

  2. And it looks like they are making a banquet or party of the slaying - shall we call it a tickle instead?

  3. I love the color in the first two and the Cranach is simply awesome.

  4. Jno
    The details are remarkable too.

    I may just be inspired to rewatch St. George and the Dragon with James Purefoy to keep the theme going.

  5. Ah, dragons are such an irresistible trope. I always wanted to meet a dragon as a kid - and still do!

  6. Margaret - I join you in this quest!

  7. It is so nice to see you on here! I gave up on Live Journal- couldn't juggle all of the information sites.. :)
    I love dragons- and these pics are great. I really love the one by Lucas Cranach the Elder...

  8. Silkandbone - Thanks. So great to see you too and I hear you on LJ - I've sort of migrated to FB, but sometimes I love purely visual posts.

    Happy holidays to you!