Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magick Indeed!

Many of you are likely aware of the auction on Live Journal to benefit Terri Windling — mythic author, artist and woman of too-many-talents to list with mere words. You can read all about it here. Many of my friends and online acquaintances are offering goods and services! Go shopping!!!

This just listed by Parrish Relics.


Dear friend Robin Wallace is offering reproductions of fine art original photography, and also tarot explorations.
Visit her newly created Violet Hour Tarot here and her auction here.
I nearly forgot about my own!!!
Up for grabs is a Celtic Tree of Life embroidered purse in a soft cotton velveteen in an earthy green.

All the auctions end December 15th, so you've time to buy for the holidays.
Or treat yourself!


  1. So excited for the support being shown for Terri! Love love love your bag!!

  2. It really does a heart good, doesn't it?

    And thank you Robin. I'm still all jittery-excited over the reading you did for me; all your lovely artwork in my greedy paws. You are awesome!!!

  3. Oh, I LOVE that crown.... I hope to get it together to offer something over at the auction, I'm out straight with the studio building project. Good to be reminded of the end date, thanks!

  4. Very beautiful MM - a very worthy cause :)

  5. Wow ..such talent you have my friend....your enchanting purse is dazzling and magical..and pure gorgeousness! And beautiful post ..all such beautiful creations and talent!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going over to do some shopping myself.