Friday, September 30, 2011

For autumn

 The Fall.
Once more the many-coloured Being pales
And falls in ruin under its own breath:
Once more the all-encircling Spirit veils
Its glorious presence in a mask of death:
Once more the tide of life in this dear land
Ebbs to stagnation: while with stricken hearts
And eyes sad fixed upon its vacant strand,
We watch and watch, until our joy departs.
Once more we strive to gain from this high scene
Of tragic woe and deep significance,
A clue to what shall be from what hath been:
Striving with Thought that leaves the mind in trance
Deep-awed, because the living mystery
Seems to resign its life and cease to be.

George Earle

Photo taken by me on 11/2007, a local wood.


  1. The trees are so wonderful now,such rich colours thanks for posting this view!

  2. Angela - this image was taken a few years ago and made me look forward to our blaze of color yet to come. Cooler weather would be nice too:)

  3. Breathtaking..and brilliant..thankyou for this sparkling moment of beauty to my day!

  4. Love that: A clue to what shall be from what hath been! As always, love your photos.

  5. Lovely - and such a beautiful late Sept here.

  6. "A clue to what shall be from what hath been" - love that... wonderful piece... Misty first-of-October forest blessings!

    ha! My word v. word is "undies"! I, of course, misread it and thought it said "undines", which I think I would have preferred, but, oh well...

  7. Lovely lovely poem.

    I'm hoping because of all the rain we will have extra splendid colors soon! It already feels like a more proper Autumn because of the lower temps here. I remember at my wedding at this time two years ago it was about 20 or so degrees warmer. I hope it stays this way!

  8. This poem seems such a sad way of viewing Autumn. I love this time of year so full of colour and beauty and then followed by the winter days which give a time for rest and reflection.

  9. Kiki - you are most welcome!
    Larry - thank you:)
    Jno - yes a poet unknown to me, found in an antique book.

  10. Kirsten - that was my favorite line too.

    Hermes - Can't even imagine how lovely your area is, all ablaze.

  11. Valerianna - absolutely!! we had "misty" the other morning. Granted, where I live now is not as misty as northern locales. I've been to New England in the fall and nothing can compare.

  12. Jackie - Gone are the 100 degree days and I am ecstatic. Wish fall could last half the year. What a beautiful time for a wedding.

  13. Rowan - yes, I totally thought so too - more like a lament. But I posted it because I thought the lines were so beautiful, even though it doesn't echo my sentiments about the season.
    To me, this is like Nature's party with colorful piñatas and joyful celebration.