Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heart-shaped wood

And so another month unfolds, this year speeding by. To celebrate Lughnasadh, I walked, camera in hand, to uncover a heart-shaped wood. 

One of my favorite songs and bands:


  1. Lots of heart-shapes here! Love the band..... so now I wonder, which CD should I get? Any thoughts?

  2. Angela - thank you!!

    Mamabeaks - 11 years walking in this park, and this was my first deer sighting in it:)

    Valerianna - You really can't go wrong. "Alive" features a great reading of "The Raven" spoken and then in song. I also have "Crone of War" and "Pagan Follk" cds. Looks like they have a new (to me) compilation on iTunes that features a really good mix - plus you can preview. Happy listening!

  3. Lynn - this beauty is my daily balm! Thanks!

    Hermes - thank you and a fair trade-off for the blistering heatwave

  4. What beautiful surroundings to take a walk in! And that is indeed a wonderful song :)

  5. You make the most beautiful entries.
    I just love to come and visit your heartful blog.
    Peaceful times.

  6. What beautiful photos! Is that a deer print set into cement? How awesome is that? I'm sorry I've missed your latest posts -- I loved my blog to wordpress and now I don't know how to do anything. I hope you're doing well! Hugs to you. xoxo Renee

  7. Lostcitadel - I'm ever so appreciative of my beautiful woods, just a bit away. Thanks for gifting me that song!

    Enchanted Blue Planet - thank you so much. The woods is a good source of inspiration and therapy.

    Falacedar - hello there & thanks. I found you over on wordpress, so I'll keep in touch. Waiting with anticipation of fall's first cool breezes.