Friday, April 17, 2009

Medieval Women - at work and play

It seems hilarious that this woman is wearing an ornate crown while weaving.


  1. Is that second woman sitting on swans? Poor things ;)

    And that IS wrong move and either her head or her crown or her hair would snap!

  2. Indeed she appears to be seated on swans!!

    I suppose having a crown on one's head during chores would ensue good posture?

  3. Gosh these are cool...there is something almost creepy about the people that I like! Maybe it's the rigidness of their stances, but that what attracts me...Anita

  4. Anita. They are very formal I think and our ideas of beauty have probably changed a bit over the centuries. I need that crown!

  5. Wonderful. Perhaps the woman wears a crown to
    assure herself she is royalty, even if only
    in her own head.

  6. Cynthia - a practice I totally subscribe to:)

  7. Interesting also that the one NOT wearing the crown is in red while the one weaving and wearing the crown wears not only blue but an apron. What IS the message here?! Beautiful colors!

  8. Kirsten
    It is a puzzle, isn't it? Maybe the blue signifies royalty? but I don't know why she would be working if that is the case. I know all women did needlework, regardless of social class, but not weaving per se. Perhaps she is the instructor?
    Mother and daughters?

  9. beautiful :) when was the second one painted and where?

    1. I have the lady sitting on swans image in a necklace and a post card. Did a bit of research and all I could find is French manuscript, 14th century.