Thursday, June 4, 2009

Howard Pyle’s Arthurian Legend

Illustrations by Howard Pyle depicting King Arthur's Knights and their adventures.

Sir Pellias and the Sorrowful Lady in Arroy


Sir Lancelot frees a lady's hawk.

Lancelot and Eloise the Fair.

Lancelot meeting Queen Guinevere.

Lamarack of Gales

Ivory casket, 14th century, shows scenes with Gawain, Percival and Lancelot (crossing the Sword bridge in the second panel). The reference says Metropolitan Museum, New York so I assume this is in the Cloisters? I certainly missed it when I was there, but will look next time.


  1. Ah, perfection!

    Darn it, someday I will make it to the Cloisters!

  2. Wow. Black and white with such detail...very rich! Are you familiar with George Wharton Edward's art? The Book of English Ballads is very similar; I introduced Grace to this art! Merci! Anita

  3. Ro
    Aren't they! His women are great too, but today I wanted to concentrate on the men in this particular saga. I'm hoping to go in October and you can bet I'll be looking for this little box.

  4. Anita
    Pyle is an excellent draftsman; he worked in color too, but I prefer these I think.

    I'm not familar with Gearge Wharton Edward. I just did a google search, but only found book covers but no interior illustrations to see his range...can you point the way? Hold my hand? thx. Lisa

  5. ooh, this Lancelot is a mighty Me-Ow!

  6. Jen-
    Ha! He reminds me of a few of our crushes rolled into one chain-mail-clad pretty thing. Most movie versions don't hold a candle to this one:)

  7. Lancelot reminds me of Viggo Mortenson in that first picture.


  8. Grace
    He does a bit!!! and is a perfect combo of many of my favorite "courtly loves".

    I adore the tight-sleeved, tight-bodiced dress in the first image.

  9. Love the sleeves of her dress! Thank you for posting these charming pictures.

  10. Mary
    I have tons more of women characters, all of which are beautiful gowned and adorned:)

  11. I have always loved anything to do with King Arthur! Thanks for sharing these. And look at that hair! Happy Monday!

  12. Hi Kirsten!
    Isn't the hair magnificent? I plan to scan some of the women images today - more pretty dresses and tresses.

  13. Oh I love the black and white, very different.

  14. Cynthia -
    Me too. These are images from an old book - one of a series on the Arthurian legend. Pyle was often both author and illustrator! What a talented man.

  15. Hello, Please take a gander at my little
    challenge for Poemflesh, I would love to have
    your take on this, with a Medieval hue.
    Thank you!

  16. Cynthia - That is creative genius and I would so respond to this one:
    "Calligraphist-in-residence sought by Contessa Lazarre. Must adore cats. Exquisite wardrobe will be furnished."

    Cats. Clothes. Calligraphy. A trifecta of my favorite things.

  17. Your blog is so beautiful. I love it.

    Renee xoxo

  18. Renee
    Thank you! I look forward to reading yours as well.